Power, Flexibility, and Control

CircleCI 2.0 gives your team more speed and customizability than ever before. See the difference in performance: Start building your project on 2.0 today.

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Faster Performance

CircleCI 2.0 offers greater speed and reliability when building, testing, and deploying code. Choose the resources you need for optimal performance.

Granular Control

Workflows’ custom job orchestration provides granular control over your build process. Run individual jobs in ways that fit your team’s needs.

Complete Flexibility

All languages that run on Linux run on CircleCI 2.0. First-class Docker support gives you flexibility over your environment.

Configurable Job Orchestration with Workflows

sequential flow diagram

Sequential Jobs workflows: version: 2 build-test-and-deploy: jobs: - build - smoke-go: requires: - build - smoke-java: requires: - smoke-go - deploy: requires: - smoke-java

sequential flow diagram

Parallel Jobs workflows: version: 2 test-suite: jobs: - unit-tests - integration-tests - acceptance-tests

fan out diagram

Fan Out workflows: version: 2 build-test-workflow: jobs: - build: - python27: requires: - build - python34: requires: - build - python35: requires: - build - python36: requires: - build

fan in diagram

Fan In workflows: version: 2 deploy-workflow: jobs: - deploy: requires: - unit-tests - integration-tests - acceptance-tests - end-to-end-tests

restart from fail diagram

branch level diagram

Branch Level workflows: version: 2 dev_stage_pre-prod_master_deploy: jobs: - test_dev: filters: branches: only: dev - test_stage: filters: branches: only: stage - test_pre-prod: filters: branches: only: pre-prod

Already building on CircleCI 2.0? View the Docs for Workflows.

What else is new on 2.0?

Language Inclusive

Supports any language that builds on Linux, including C++, Javascript, .NET, PHP, Python, and Ruby. You're free to use any toolchain, framework, or version you need.

Custom Environments

Full control of your build environment means you won't have to worry about it being outdated or updated without your knowledge. Run CI/CD without limits or bounds.

Flexible Resource Allocation

Easily configure your resources (compute/memory) to best fit your team's needs for specific builds.

Debug via SSH or Local Builds

Quickly find and solve problems using SSH access or run jobs in your local environment to ensure faster remediation of issues.

Improved Caching

Speed up your builds with expanded caching options, including images, source code, dependencies, and custom caches. Gain control over cache save and restore points throughout your jobs for optimal performance.

Added Security

Run builds on machines in isolation for greater security. As always, when required to run or test your source code, CircleCI uses SSH and/or HTTPS encryption.

First Class Support for the Docker Platform

  • Docker layer caching ensures fast, consistent, and accurate build results.
  • Ability to push/pull public and private images.
  • Support for several public registries including Docker Hub, Google Container Registry, CoreOS Quay, and Amazon ECR.
  • Docker Compose support helps define and run multi-container Docker applications.
  • View runtime metrics with local builds (CPU, memory and others) so you can adjust box-type options (Docker, Docker Engine, virtual machine, etc) to ensure maximum efficiency in build times.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I start building on 2.0?

You can initiate some projects on 2.0 by updating your configuration file. For a comprehensive list of steps, view our Docs.

Get started by filling out the form below. Following the sign-up process, you will receive an email with instructions on how to get started.

Will I be able to keep some builds on 1.0 while test driving builds on 2.0?

Yes. If you’re not sure you’re ready to go all-in on 2.0 and need time to get the configuration running correctly, you can try it out while you run existing builds on 1.0.

Is 2.0 available behind my firewall?

At this time, CircleCI 2.0 is only available as our SaaS offering for Linux builds. We plan to offer 2.0 for all customers in the near future.

Can I build OSX apps on 2.0?

We are currently working on making CircleCI 2.0 available for all mobile developers. Keep an eye out for updates on upcoming releases and mobile environment availability.

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via @abey_alex
“The @circleci 2.0 is a huge improvement. Build times have done below 1 minute. Loving it!”
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“We successfully migrated both repos and see phenomenal performance improvements, especially when we leverage caching! Our project's build times went from roughly 2:30 minutes to 1:30 (without cache) and 0:50 (with cache).”
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via @BurkhardR
“Just tested the CircleCI 2 beta — blown away by how much faster it is!”
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via @RiggerTheGeek
“I'm bloody loving @circleci 2.0. When will it be generally available? I can sell this into work as a massive improvement over Jenkins.”
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via @BlameFrost
“Today's experience on @circleci 2.0: my setup was so fast I had to explicitly wait for elasticsearch to start properly before running tests.”
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via @roebuk
“Just switched a new project over to the beta and what took ~2:30 minutes now takes < 30 seconds”
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via @zemirco
“holy moly @circleci down from ~5 mins (version 1.0) to ~2 mins (version 2.0) for testing and deploying. great job!”
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via @qnmco
“Build time dropped from 13 minutes to just over 2 minutes after moving to @circleci 2.0 and enabling caching. Great end to the week!”

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