Git errors during pip install

When your tests run, during the pip install step, you might see something like this:

Obtaining somerepo from git+ssh:// (from -r requirements.txt (line 23))
Cloning ssh:// to ./venv/src/somerepo
Complete output from command /usr/bin/git clone -q ssh:// /home/ubuntu/someorg/venv/src/somerepo:

Command /usr/bin/git clone -q ssh:// /home/ubuntu/somerepo/venv/src/somerepo failed with error code 128 in None
Storing complete log in /home/ubuntu/.pip/pip.log
ERROR: Repository not found.
fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly

This happens because you have a git repository listed as a dependency in your requirement.txt file:


If the repository is public, just change the dependency to use a http url:


If the repository is private, you will need to enable user keys from your project’s Project settings > Checkout SSH keys page.