Troubleshooting iOS and macOS builds

There are common problems you might run into during the initial setup of your CI/CD setup with CircleCI or even issues that only occur when your project has grown to a certain size.

Xcode Toolchain errors

xcodebuild exit code 65

There are plenty of reasons why exit code 65 could be thrown, as it is a general error returned for bad user input. Sometimes that is not the case though, since all your builds run in a container your builds also have to share system resources with other builds. Exit code 65 is mostly the issue of a lack of enough CPU power to launch the iOS simulator in time for the test to run once xcodebuild’S test action is called, and the tests simply time out. A way to mitigate this is to launch the iOS simulator as a part of your dependencies block in your CircleCI configuration file.

  - xcrun instruments -w "iPhone 7 (10.1)" || true

This will launch the simulator just like it would if you’d hit CMD + R on your machine in Xcode, and once your tests are supposed to start the iOS simulator is immediately available.

You can find the full list of simulators that are available in our macOS image here.