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A container is a running instance of an image.


Defines the underlying technology to run a job. Can be either docker to run your job inside a Docker container with a specified image or machine to run your job inside a full virtual machine. Learn more.


An image is a packaged system that has the instructions for creating a running container.


A job is a collection of steps.

Job Space

All the containers being run by an executor for the current job.

Primary Container

The first image listed in config.yml. This is where commands are executed for jobs using the Docker executor.

Remote Docker

Feature that enables building, running and pushing images to Docker registries from within a Docker executor job. Learn more.


A step is a collection of executable commands. Learn more.


A Workflow is a set of rules for defining a collection of jobs and their run order. Workflows are implemented as a directed acyclic graph (DAG) of jobs for greatest flexibility. Learn more. Within the CI/CD industry, this feature is also referred to as Pipelines.


A workspace is a workflows-aware storage mechanism. A workspace stores data unique to the job, which may be needed in downstream jobs.