Help and Support

If you’re here, it’s because you couldn’t find what you were looking for in the docs. Our apologies!

There are 3 ways to ask for help:

Ask on Discuss

Chances are you’re not the first person to ask your question. That’s why our first recommendation is to search our community forums.

If you can’t find your question, post it yourself and one of our support engineers – or another CircleCI user – will provide some guidance.

Create a Support Request

If you have a paid account, then you can ask directly for help from our support team. To create a support request, head to your dashboard, click the round question mark button in the lower-right corner, then click ‘Support’.

In the form that appears, enter a title for your question, along with a message detailing your problem. You can also attach files if you have a helpful screenshot or cute cat picture.

When you’re done, click ‘Submit support request’, and one of our support engineers will get back to you soon.

Premium Support

If you know you’re going to need a rapid response to problems, then check out our Premium Support. You can skip the line for support requests, get critical issues escalated, and access early features of CircleCI.