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Hackathon demos for @CODE2040’s #Hack4Diversity Code2040 hosted its 4th annual Hack4Diversity hackathon this weekend and our very own @acwervo’s team built “Footsteps - interactive empathy exercises that give you an emotional timeline of your reaction through them.” Bravo!

Injecting security into Continuous Delivery Without manual QA, security audits and checkpoints become an important part of a CI/CD workflow. Great advice on how to make that happen.

Design, build, release, run More valuable updates to 12-factor app thinking: “In cases where teams have a mature CI/CD pipeline, it could take a matter of minutes to go from design to running in production.”

The 10 Practices of Healthy Engineering Teams – Part 2 The second in a series of posts from CarbonFive on healthy engineering team practices.