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Welcome to our new weekly curated list of interesting stories. Covering anything and everything in the industry, we’ll be collecting and sharing a handful of links every Friday. Enjoy!

Pride week is coming soon here at CircleCI headquarters in San Francisco. Coincidentally, we’ve been putting a lot of thought into how we can build and maintain a diverse engineering culture as we put our recent round of investment to use growing our team. This week’s links reflect these two themes. Relatedly, if you’d like to join a team with a strong commitment to a building an inclusive culture, take a look at our jobs page!

Celebrate Pride with GitHub We’re thrilled to see GitHub leading the way in celebrating pride. We’ll be there with bells on!

Hey Men: Just Wanting More Women in Tech Does Not Make You Their Ally Not enough +1s for this - we’re thrilled to be working with Code2040 this summer and are committed to being an active part of changing the demographics of our industry.

Lessons from a years worth of hiring data Aline spoke on a panel at OpenAir this past Wednesday - lots of great insights here, and we’re very excited by her latest project.

Why Great Products Need Great Collaboration This article speaks to the importance of collaboration - while it mostly touches on the importance of diverse skill sets to successful projects, many of the take homes apply to other types of diversity.

Are you a 10x Programmer? Or Just a Jerk? “That’s because, in this myth, he said, programming is something you are, not something you do. And that is detrimental to everyone.”