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Welcome to our weekly curated list of interesting stories. Covering anything and everything in the industry, we collect and share a handful of links every Friday. Enjoy!


This week, two pairs of lovely links, plus a bonus:

Smashing the Silicon Valley patriarchy: anti-Lean In strategy puts onus on men “Encouraging women to give the industry a try and exhortations to “Lean In” – a motto and accompanying book by Facebook’s chief operating officer, Sheryl Sandberg – wrongly puts the onus on those who are marginalized to change their own behavior, she believes.”

Shocker: Tech’s widening gender gap is all about the bro-ification of Silicon Valley Relatedly, but behind a paywall.

Ubiquitous Language & the joy of naming “Many teams have found themselves consistently foiled by bugs and system design inconsistencies that originate from a failure to communicate meanings, concepts and ideas well. It’s no wonder that developing reliable, successful software is more art than science.”

Bring clarity to your monolith with Bounded Contexts “A key principle in DDD is that the software you build must closely mirror the (business) domain of the organization that builds it. Thus, we need to do some homework to understand the business domain of your software.”

“Women & Minorities Don’t Apply” “It’s not that mid- and senior-level folks don’t exist in tech – there are a lot of us, actually. Find out why we didn’t apply for your job. “