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Today we’re making CircleCI more accessible to professional teams by launching the general release of Atlassian Bitbucket, JIRA Software and HipChat integrations. With simple JIRA Software integration, teams can write a JIRA ticket and check their code, all within CircleCI. Integration with HipChat means teams can quickly see build status as-it-happens, and easily collaborate. CircleCI’s out-of-the-box integration for Bitbucket allows professional teams to confidently build, test, and deploy their software.

After a successful beta and increased user demand, we’re happy to bring CircleCI to the Atlassian Bitbucket community. Getting started is as easy as signing up for CircleCI using your Bitbucket credentials.

As a Bitbucket user, you’ll benefit from the most popular CircleCI features including:

  • SSH into builds: Developers get easy, secure SSH access to any build for fast, self-service debugging.

  • Parallelism: Parallel workloads automatically split your test suite up into roughly equal running streams for increased velocity.

  • API endpoints: Ensure your API endpoint is functioning correctly, quickly and easily.

  • CircleCI Insights: An interactive visual dashboard helps make sense of build data, clearly and in real time. CircleCI Insights provides the tools needed to dig deep into build history and generate meaningful statistics to improve performance and keep teams shipping at an optimal pace.

Bitbucket for Mobile with CircleCI

You can build mobile on CircleCI. CircleCI currently supports both OS X and Android builds from Bitbucket. Application development speed is critical in today’s competitive landscape, and maintaining this speed is difficult as apps and systems grow larger and more complex. CircleCI for OS X allows iOS developers who utilize Bitbucket to build and test code for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV and Apple Watch apps with significant improvement to the development cycle. CircleCI provides more concurrency than any other offer in the market today so teams of any size can build better and scale rapidly. You can read more about mobile here.

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Getting Started with Bitbucket

There are few different ways you can sign up for Bitbucket:

To use your Bitbucket credentials, navigate to the signup page and log in using Bitbucket. You can watch our brief signup video for mroe details.

You can also sign up using Github and later add Bitbucket to your account. For that, sign in using your Github account and navigate to ‘Add projects’ page. Once on ‘Add projects’ page you have the option to add your Bitbucket account.

In the reverse, if you want to add your Github account to your Bitbucket account, you can do that by signing up for Bitbucket beta and then navigating to ‘Add projects’ page to add your Github account.

Atlassian Bitbucket users who are using Hipchat and JIRA can now configure CircleCI to send notification to your Hipchat instance. If you are using JIRA for product management, you can setup your JIRA instance and create issues from CircleCI itself.

Dive Into Your First Project!

Once you are signed up, you’re ready to start using CircleCI with your projects. We’re eager to hear how you’re using our Bitbucket integration and what features or functionality you would like to see added. To request features on CircleCI you can post on our community site. To see the latest features we’ve released, subscribe to our changelog.