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Today we are happy to announce we shipped CircleCI Insights. Available for all paid and open source customers, Insights is an interactive visual dashboard enabling you to see and understand all your builds for CircleCI at a glance.

With CircleCI Insights, we help make sense of all your build data, clearly and in real time. Insights gives you the tools to dig deep into your build history and find the meaningful statistics to improve performance and keep your team shipping at an optimal pace.

To get started: click the new graph icon on the bottom of the left navigation bar.


Now, with CircleCI Insights you and your team can:

  • Explore your data visually, click through interactive charts and analyses in seconds. Clearly and succinctly visualize trends in your build history.

  • Understand your data anomalies. Drill-down reporting allows both technical and non-technical team members to quickly identify and understand bottlenecks.

  • Optimize your team. Understanding trends and characteristics of your build process helps your team push green builds more efficiently.

Our private beta was received well by our customers. Kevin Goslar, VP of Engineering at Originate said:


Powerful Data CircleCI Insights lets you know how your tests are performing:

  • Status of all your repos building on CircleCI in real time

  • Median queue time

  • Median build time

  • Number of branches

  • Last build

Interactive graphs let you identify issues at their source:

  • Clickable build statues

  • Drill-down capability to debug and view the actual build

  • Overview of your default branch for all the repos

Powerful Dashboard insights-1.0-large@2x

Your Insights Dashboard shows your paid or open source projects on CircleCI. Each bar represents a build, color-coded to the outcome, with any queue time in purple below the x-axis. Hovering over each bar exposes timing information.

We are excited to see how easy-to-access build performance data improves testing for your teams, and will be adding even more features soon! We’d love to hear from you on how you’re using it and what other graphs and tools would help you ship faster with confidence. Let us know what you think in-app or at