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Inner Circle Blog

We’re proud to announce our new Beta program, the Inner Circle. As a member of CircleCI’s Inner Circle you get exclusive access to new features and settings before they are released publicly!

How to join Inner Circle:

To sign up, simply open the new Beta tab in your account settings and click ‘Join Beta.’ Once a member, you’ll be able to test our newest features automatically, receive email and in-app communication about beta features, and help shape CircleCI as a service. In the future, we may offer focused Inner Circle sub-programs on specific topics, like UI or iOS builds, which you can also sign up for.

How to unsubscribe:

If you decide being part of CircleCI’s Inner Circle isn’t for you, you can leave with the click of a button and you’ll stop receiving email and in-app messages about beta features and releases. And if you leave the program without meaning to, re-joining is just as easy!

We’re looking forward to working with you to make CircleCI even better, and as always, feel free to reach out to us in-app or at with any questions you might have.