At CircleCI, we’ve worked hard to build on-demand training to help our users get the most out of our platform and its capabilities. Historically, we created CircleCI Academy courses to ensure that all our customers know how to effectively use the features on our platform. Today, we’re taking a proactive approach to enhance your DevOps skills.

Our commitment to making you a CI/CD expert

In addition to on-demand training, we’ll now be offering live, regularly scheduled trainings for up to 15 people, as well as customizable private training, designed by developers for developers. Join a live training session on the CI/CD topic of your choice, led by a DevOps expert, or build custom training focused specifically on the skills you and your team need to develop.

Choose the DevOps training option that meets your needs

There are three different training options to choose from:

  1. On-demand training: offerings on a range of DevOps topics that are free to download once you register.
  2. Live training: classes designed and taught by DevOps experts that are built to match the most common needs of software teams. These courses are taught live with the ability to interact with the instructor to get all of your CI/CD questions answered.
  3. Custom training: courses that you can design to specifically match the skills you want to develop. This class will be tailored and taught by an experienced DevOps leader, and can be held remotely or onsite with your team. Contact us to set up a customized private training session.

No matter how you’re looking to grow and develop your CI/CD skills, we have the training option to meet your needs. Find more information on all of our DevOps courses here.