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Here at CircleCI, we place extremely high value on our team, and from the beginning have striven to create a company that is a welcome and diverse place where all employees are treated with the utmost respect and care. As the first employee after the co-founders themselves, I’ve watched that company culture carefully, taking special interest to help guide it as we’ve grown to our current 48 employees. Given my history with the company, and the great care that I put into our culture, I am honored that last night CircleCI was awarded one of the Bay Area’s Best Places to Work 2016 by the San Francisco Business Times and The Silicon Valley Business Journal.

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About Best Places To Work

Best Places to Work award applicants were evaluated and ranked across five categories according to the number of Bay Area employees. The ranking found companies in the region whose employees rate them as the highest on such values as fun, collaborative culture, solid compensation and benefits offerings and other amenities as well as management practices. It’s very satisfying to know that the efforts that go into our culture and benefits are appreciated by our team.

At its core, CircleCI is a team that knows that our best work happens when we are well-cared for, not just in the office, but comprehensively in all areas of our lives, which is why we have such a well-rounded focus on benefits for everyone on our team. We’re thrilled to have received this award.

A small slice of CircleCI culture

The CircleCI culture is one of equality, respect, acceptance, and transparency. Because we have a global team, we are all well versed in asynchronous culture and communication, which creates a very flexible work environment. Our team is free to work from home if they like. We also give everyone ample paid time off, so if they need to stay at home with a sick child, go to the doctor themselves, or be at home so they don’t miss an important delivery or visit, they’re able to. By ensuring that our team has the freedom to take care of themselves and their families, we are helping create a culture of value. We know that a parent who can take a day to care for an ill child without worry about their job will be happier and healthier overall, and that’s a priority for us.

We encourage both personal and professional growth: every employee is welcome to seek out conferences or classes they’re interested in. We actively assist in helping any employee who wants to submit talks to conferences as well.

We host monthly Office Hours, and encourage anyone from our team to present, either as practice for a future presentation at a conference, or just to share something that’s exciting and inspiring for them.

We support and nurture growth by encouraging employees to work closely together to create their own best-practices and solutions to common problems. Our support team, for example, just spent a week together in San Francisco at ‘Support Camp’ where they came up with ways to better our customer service and support experience.

We also have informal education-based lunch talks, given by our engineers of all levels, each Tuesday, and are happy to purchase any education-related materials employees want to add to our in-house library.

Employees’ growth is not constrained by physical location, either - if a member of our team wants to live in a new area, we’re able to enthusiastically support their move to a new home.

What’s next?

I’m so proud to have helped our company grow from the three of us to a team of 48 while still retaining our core values of respect and care. I look forward to the next year of growth, both for our team as a whole and for each and every one of the magnificently talented people I have the pleasure to work with.

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