Our team has worked hard on new products this past quarter, but we’ve also been hard at work releasing new features, upgrades and bug fixes that our users have brought to our attention.

New and Expanded Features

This quarterly blog will take a moment to highlight the features we were proud to ship. If you can’t wait another three months for a feature recap, you can see updates in real-time on our changelog. If you have feature requests or would like to report a bug, you can do that on Discuss. We love to hear from you!

Here’s What’s New

Bitbucket Integration

We are excited to announce Bitbucket integration, which was the most requested feature on Discuss. Bitbucket users can now signup and try CircleCI’s features like SSH into a build, Insights, Inference etc. If you would like to signup for our beta, you can do that by navigating to the Bitbucket integration page.

Email UI Improvement

We have finished a series of changes to our build results email templates (i.e., emails sent upon build completion).

  • We moved all emails to one consistent pattern that improve clarity and legibility.
  • When available, we now add a value identifying the user that triggered the build called ‘Triggered By’.
  • We optimized the width on the build results output to accommodate narrower viewports (e.g., emails on mobile screens).

If you have any feedback regarding notifications, please feel free to post on Discuss!

Email Alerts for OS X Overages

This additional feature pertains to customers using OS X plans. Prior to this feature, we provided alerts in-app only regarding approaching and passing minute limits. With this change, we now trigger an email to a plan’s designated billing-email when usage for a given billing period passes 80% and again when it passes 95% so teams won’t be surprised by an overage if they don’t frequently log into the app.

Ability to select email notification per GitHub organization

You can now select email notifications for each individual GitHub organization. Please navigate to your account settings to update your notification settings.

Override Slack channel in Chat Notifications settings

You can now override the channel your Slack notifications are sent to directly in the Chat Notification settings of your project. This is particularly handy for larger organizations where development teams have a hard time getting new Slack webhook URLs provisioned.

Mobile UI Improvement

We empathize that looking at CircleCI on a phone can be frustrating. We shipped a small fix to make choosing branches easier. We hope to dedicate time to more fixes for mobile UI in the future.

SSH functionality on OS X builds

This change enables users to always see the SSH button on OS X builds. This brings OS X builds to parity with Linux builds in this regard. Users have found that one of the the best ways to troubleshoot problems is to SSH into a running or finished build to look at log files, running processes, and more.

Mitigation for Error Code 65 Issues for OS X

In response to an uptick in Error Code 65 issues for OS X customer, we no longer charge minutes for builds that fail this way and we now auto-retry such failures up to 3x. Read more about it here.

We also made a few bug fixes over the quarter. You can see the detailed list here.

We hope you’re enjoying all the new CircleCI features! If there’s a feature you’d like to see, add a request on Discuss, and if you’d like to join our beta program, the Inner Circle, you’ll get to try out our newest features before they’re made public. If you have any questions for us, we’d love to hear from you at support@circleci.com.