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[photo credit: Electric Cloud]

Yesterday, CircleCI founder Paul Biggar had a chance to sit down for the Continuous Discussions Podcast, alongside Scott Abate of Propelics and hosts Sam Fell and Anders Wallgren of Electric Cloud.

The wide-ranging conversation touched on the following topics:

  • How consumer expectations and the release process into the App Store affect your CI pipeline?

  • When will Apple enable developers to support true Continuous Delivery of their mobile apps?

  • How is testing for mobile different, and how the growth in testing cycles for the different target devices influences your processes, as well as the design of your application?

  • How does your code review changes?

  • What does Mobile have in common with Embedded and IoT development- and what can we learn from these processes to streamline our mobile app delivery?

  • How should your CD pipelines take into consideration both the mobile front end and supporting backend services, and how do you coordinate those pipelines?

Watch the entire episode online, here.