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Continuous Integration and Delivery are best practices for software development, and are part of CircleCI’s mission: to help developers move faster and ship faster. Until now, using CI/CD outside of work has been difficult: using CircleCI costs money, and using a legacy tool like Jenkins could take significant time to set up.

Because we want everybody in the world to use CI/CD best practices, and to ship better code faster, we’ve made CircleCI free.

CircleCI Pricing

Who Benefits? We’ve had countless inquiries from students, non-profits, hackathons, hacker schools, early startups, developers working on side projects, and others who wanted to use CircleCI but were not able to because of our pricing model. We’re hoping that free will bring CI and CD to all projects no matter how big or small. Try It Free

Details Previously we’ve charged $19/month for one concurrent build (we refer to these as “containers”), and $50/month for each additional one. We’ve made that first container free, while additional containers still cost $50/month. Whether you are using one free container or paying for multiple containers, there are still no limits on builds, projects, users, or anything else.

Current Customers As usual, we’re extending these pricing improvements to our current customers. You’ll now get an extra container for the $19 you were paying for your first container. If you were on the $19 plan, for example, you now get 2 containers instead of 1 (and 3 containers on the $69 plan, etc).

Open source If you use CircleCI for your open source projects, this doesn’t affect you: open source projects still get 3 free containers

Tell us what you’re using this for Now that CircleCI is free, what can you use it for? We’d love to hear about your side projects, hackathons and non-profits: let us know on twitter.