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A new survey released by Glassdoor showed that “DevOps Engineer” was one of the top “Best Jobs in America”, second only to “Data Scientist”. The annual ranking is based on salary, job openings, and an overall job satisfaction rating.

Glassdoor found that DevOps Engineers had a median base salary of $110,000 and 2,725 job openings as of today. There might be even more DevOps-related jobs than Glassdoor necessarily tracks, since you can certainly be a QA or a Developer and work in a DevOps team. A quick search on Glassdoor shows many jobs that do not have “DevOps” in their title do include it in the job description.

The DevOps trend has exploded over the past few years, and shows no sign of slowing down.

What’s driving the popularity of DevOps as a role? While DevOps itself seems to lack a universally accepted definition, there is consensus that the core of the role is around aligning teams and individuals to increase team speed, product stability and availability, and customer satisfaction. As every business becomes a software business, our bet is that DevOps roles will only become more important, as they provide a crucial role in helping teams do their best work.

Other tech-related jobs in the top 10 of Glassdoor’s “Best Jobs” list included Data Engineer ($106K), Database Administrator ($93K), UX Designer ($93K), and Solutions Architect ($125K). The tech-related job from the top 10 that had the highest “job satisfaction” score was Data Scientist.

Glassdoor’s “Best Cities for Jobs” is another interesting list since it has information about work-life balance and cost-of-living. While tech-heavy cities like San Jose, San Francisco, and Seattle hit the top three, there are also some less-known cities in there such as Hartford, Oklahoma City, and Baltimore. You can read the whole list here.