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It’s been a year since we launched CircleCI Enterprise, our solution for customers who need to install CircleCI behind their firewall. Today, customers like Nextdoor, Coinbase, Sony, and dozens of others trust CircleCI Enterprise to increase the throughput of their software teams in a secure, customized environment.

Some of our CircleCI Enterprise customers’ favorite benefits include:

  • Push power to the edges – put control into the hands of development teams to tweak their build even at the branch level, alleviating centralized bottlenecks in configuration and plugin management.

  • Automated provisioning – a clean environment for every build, every time, with zero-touch provisioning.

  • Seamless GitHub Enterprise integration – leverage your existing investment in authentication and authorization in GitHub or GitHub Enterprise, with no additional setup or user management.

  • Extreme speed – run builds at any level of parallelism with no additional configuration, causing dramatic reductions in test run time.

We want it to be easy for any team that need to install behind a firewall to try CircleCI Enterprise. To that end, we’re happy to announce our new self-install option for nearly any Linux environment where you can run Docker. As more and more teams look to modernize and automate their software delivery pipeline, we hope this option will make it faster for them to take CircleCI for a test drive and see if it’s the right tool for their team.

Whether you’re hoping to liberate your team from Jenkins, or to reduce bottlenecks that delay delivery, we hope CircleCI will be a fit for your needs. You can request a free trial here. We’ll follow up with a trial license key to get you going.

Signing up for a self-service install gets you a 30-day free trial, and access to our expert support team. Need to install in your own data center without Docker? Want to build with GPUs? Curious if you can use AWS Auto Scaling Groups? Our team is here to help you get set up – just reach out at

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