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Like our partner Code2040, CircleCI believes that our industry will be better when the contributions of currently underrepresented groups are sought out and included. We believe it’s critical that businesses like ours take action to bring Blacks, Latinxs, Women, and LGBTQ people into our industry and make them successful.

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As part of these ongoing efforts, on October 21st and 22nd we’ll be hosting ClojureBridge at our office in downtown San Francisco.

This month’s workshop is aimed at people who identify as women. We see this workshop as the first in a series of programs targeting different communities - we recognize that creating temporarily exclusive spaces can create environments where people can safely cross the Canyon of Cognizance and are excited to create a variety of such spaces in the coming months.

If you identify as a woman and would like to learn to program, please join us for this one day Saturday workshop (plus after-work install-fest on Friday). Please register using our Eventbrite event to confirm your spot. People who do not identify as women may join us as the guest of a woman, or as TAs or coaches provided they are proficient in a programming language, ideally Clojure.

If you are interested in being a teacher’s assistant or coach at this event, or work for a company interested in sponsoring food, coffee or the after-party, please send an email to

We’re excited to be working with the ClojureBridge community to make our industry more diverse. This event is the beginning of what we hope will be many similar events - we hope to see you there!