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CircleCI has hired from many different talent pools, and is delighted to have smart and creative female, female-identified, and non-binary people on its staff. For this year’s International Women’s Day, I asked if any of them would like to share their thoughts about working in tech. And luckily, a few of them were willing to do so, as you can read below. (And p.s.: we’re hiring)

“Today is for all women, regardless of their backgrounds, who have to overcome challenges to be included, supported, and accepted by their peers. Not-men face a lot of obstacles in technology, but it is a place that can truly benefit from becoming a beacon of inclusion, through bringing in new perspectives to help build great things.” –Danielle Tomlinson, Developer

“I love coding because it is the new team sport. It’s a puzzle you start on your own and solve with your peers.” –Hannah Henderson, Software Engineer

“What I love most about women in tech–and anywhere, really–is witnessing how amazing we all are. I’m in constant awe of the women around me who are strong, smart, and plain ol’ bad ass. I feel grateful for the women before me who have helped pave the way and I’m honored to be part of this journey. To be surrounded by women who are empowering and inspiring is beyond words and today we celebrate us!” –Christine Lara, Senior Accountant

“The tech industry at large is a minefield for women and other people who aren’t men, but the reason I’m here, and the reason I want to stay here, is the freedom and empowerment I get. As a college attrition statistic who thrives on intellectual challenges, finding a satisfying career path without putting myself back into debt was deeply important to me. I’ve had plenty of coworkers who’ve come to their tech careers through non-university paths, so I knew it was do-able. And, critically, it gives me the financial independence to be able to prioritize my wellbeing without jeopardizing my future. I’m worried about the dearth of senior women mentors & sponsors in the field, but I’m fortunate to have great support in my job and my local community, and I hope to one day be one of those senior women.” —-Liene Verzemnieks, Support Engineer

“I don’t often think about my gender as it relates to my work. That feels both lucky, and also, perhaps rare for women who work in tech. We’re here to build something great, and we can do that because of the respect and consideration we have for each other.” –Emma Webb, Marketing

“I consider myself fortunate to have begun my tech journey with CircleCI. There aren’t many tech companies out there who have been driven by strong women from the very first employee, and it has been rewarding to watch our team continue its tradition of inclusion, despite such rapid growth.” –Robin Horca, HR Specialist

“Today celebrates all women who overcome obstacles, pursue challenges and inspire others in their workplaces, homes and communities every day. I remember the most memorable attributes of colleagues and managers (men and women) I’ve worked with in the past are those who are passionate about their craft, willing to help others without expecting anything in return and are humble about their successes.” –Cheryl Manalo, Product Marketing

“I’ve been fortunate to work alongside strong, intelligent women in tech for the past decade. Today, we celebrate and champion diversity in all its forms. I’m looking forward to see what the next decade brings for contributions and achievements of not-men in STEM.” –Laura Franzese, Public Relations

“I am very grateful for the women in my life that have shown me that there is more than one way to be in this world through small and large acts of kindness, perseverance, and strength (internal and external). –Annie Wang, Visual Designer

“I think the technology industry is great, and I am fortunate to be part of it. What I love about working in high-tech companies is the ability to expand my skills, the people I’ve had the opportunity to work with and learn from, and the dynamic environment. And, I think the more individuals we can bring into the fold, the more we will all benefit.” –Leslie Lau, Web Marketing