CircleCI server 3.x, which is now available to all CircleCI customers, was designed to meet the strictest security, compliance, and regulatory restraints. This self-hosted solution can scale under heavy workloads, all within your team’s Kubernetes cluster on your private network, but with the dynamically scaling cloud experience of CircleCI.

Offering an exceptional on-premise service means keeping that service up-to-date with the latest releases. Behind the scenes, we’ve been developing processes that allow us to quickly bring new features and innovations to server from our cloud offerings, so that all server customers get the most out of CircleCI.

Enterprise-level security with CircleCI server 3.x

Cybersecurity in software development is more crucial than ever. For some, this means securing cloud storage containers. For others, this means doubling down behind the firewall. Server 3.x enables customers to achieve the strictest security requirements with end-to-end control over their CircleCI installation. Customers host the CircleCI services and application in their own control plane, keeping all information within their private network. Server 3.x has also passed third-party penetration testing by a top-tier security firm.

Powerful developer tools and functionality

The most exciting aspect of server 3.x is that customers will be able to access the latest CircleCI features faster than previously possible: now our self-hosted customers can benefit from the same features as those using our cloud offering. This includes pipelines, orbs, matrix jobs, scheduled workflows, and more. And these are just some of the features already available — additional enhancements like runner for macOS builds, observability dashboards, insights, and setup workflows will be available to customers in future releases.

Industry-leading maintenance and monitoring

Server 3.x allows customers to monitor their installations with standard Kubernetes tools like Grafana, Prometheus, Loki, and more. Teams can also integrate their own monitoring solutions through Telegraf.

The latest server release is an ideal solution for teams that have in-house DevOps and Kubernetes expertise, have their own data centers, or have other highly custom needs that can’t be served elsewhere. CircleCI server can be run on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), or a native Kubernetes installation.

To learn more about server 3.x, head over to our docs. If you’re a current CircleCI server customer, contact your Customer Success Manager with any questions or to schedule a guided migration.