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We’re having a UX week! We’re spending this entire week focusing strictly on UX, especially on our front-end UI.

We have a very iterative approach to shipping software. We try to ship a minimum viable version of features and iterate from there. This is great for responding quickly to customers, and having great support. However, it has led to us putting out some working but unintuitive UX, and much of it is still there.

In addition, we’re mostly backend engineers (we’re hiring designers and front-end engineers, in case you know any). We all know enough front-end to be dangerous. Unfortunately, this means we implement what we are able, even if we know the user experience could be better. It’s time to fix that.

And so we’re sucking it up. Every backend engineer is sitting down, learning more CSS, looking hard at the feature list, and putting out major and minor fixes to UI and UX for the next week. Part of the goal is to improve the entire team’s front-end skills, so we can more easily put out great UX in the future.

At the end of this, we intend to have fixed a few dozen minor complaints, as well as some major ones: our unintuitive build UI, and memory leaks in our real-time updating, and providing significantly more information to the build. We’re also looking at visual design, and have brought in a designer to help us out temporarily while we find the right designer for us long term.

If there’s anything in Circle’s UX that’s particularly annoying, now’s the time to let us know!! Tweet it to @circleci and we’ll try to get it done this week.

We’re also hiring a frontend engineer and a designer. We’d love you to introduce us to anyone who’d be a good fit.