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Thank you to all who joined us at the Heavybit Clubhouse for our June Office Hours with special guest Calvin French-Owen, co-founder of Segment. Calvin’s talk was on Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project.

About the talk

There are plenty of examples of Google’s efforts to speed up the internet: everything from SPDY to Chrome to Google Fiber. Google has invested heavily in making the internet a better, faster place for billions of people across the world.

But there’s always been a missing piece: mobile. It’s not enough to shave milliseconds off server times when it takes a mobile device 10-20 seconds to load a website with complicated stylesheets, ads, and analytics tracking.

As it turns out, it’s often the “last mile” of the network and page rendering that ends up slowing mobile pages down, to the point where they are sluggish and laggy.

That’s where Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project comes in. AMP provides a set of lightweight CSS and JS rules so that your pages are able to load nearly instantly.

AMP uses a few clever tricks to do this efficiently:

Static and inlined CSS iframes for all third-party scripts Static sizing for all images, frames, and embedded content Additionally, Google has decided to automatically cache and prioritize all AMP-enabled pages within their search results. Users are able to load AMP pages directly from Google’s global CDN, bypassing costly RTTs to the origin server.

For a deeper understanding of what AMP pages look like, and how AMP makes this all work–check out Calvin’s talk on-demand here.


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