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Mike and Laura explain the benefits of CircleCI

Day one of StackWorld 2016 Conference & Expo has wrapped, and day two is well underway. We are on the expo floor of San Francisco’s largest DevOps and scalability tech conference. If you are attending today please stop by and say hi to the team at booth 102: visit early, t-shirts and stickers are going fast!

IMG_8952.jpg Justin and Jia describe the benefits of being able to SSH into a running or finished build to look at log files

This afternoon CircleCI CTO Rob Zuber will discuss some of the patterns that make it easier to transition away from the monolith, the dangers lurking in premature implementation of services, and early design decisions that have amazing and terrible impacts on scaling when the time comes. His talk, “Managing the Transition from Monolith to Microservices” is at 2:00 pm PT on the Workshop Stage.

Jia interview!.jpg Customer Success Manager Jia gives an iterview

Today promises to be another busy one for attendees of the conference and expo, we are impressed with the quality of questions that pepper our booth staff. If you’re interested in joining the talented CircleCI team, we’re hiring!

Cheers to the final day of StackWorld 2016!