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If you’re using Bamboo Cloud for continuous integration/delivery, you’ve probably heard that Atlassian has decided to discontinue the service on January 31, 2017. While they are offering a migration path to Bamboo Server, this might require more resources than your team is willing or able to invest.

CircleCI gives you many familiar features while also granting unique functionality:

Bamboo CircleCI comparison

Here’s how to set up a project with CircleCI:

  • Sign up with CircleCI.

  • Authenticate with either Bitbucket or GitHub.

  • Select one of your organization’s projects to build.

  • You’re done! Sit back and relax.

Why is this so easy?

Our inference engine automatically determines what environment you need by looking at your code and any frameworks you’re using. If you’ve (roughly) followed best practices in your project, then CircleCI will simply work out-of-the-box.

CircleCI also integrates seamlessly with the rest of Atlassian’s stack, which means you won’t lose your current Bitbucket – HipChat – JIRA workflow.