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Security is critical to every software team, but monitoring vulnerable dependencies and keeping libraries updated can feel like an impossible task. The new SourceClear integration for CircleCI brings automated security analysis to the build-test-deploy process.


The integration allows teams to ship safely by automating security checks in every build. Adding this extra layer of security to the CI process helps organizations stay competitive.

With CircleCI’s new security integration, teams can utilize:

  • Automated security scanning of open-source libraries

  • Detailed reports on security vulnerabilities impacting code

  • JIRA and GitHub Issues integrations to fix issues fast

  • The most comprehensive vulnerability data anywhere, including hundreds of vulnerabilities not available in public databases like the NVD

  • Availability for Java, Python, Ruby, Node.js, and JavaScript projects

As adoption of continuous integration and continuous delivery practices increase, more and more tools are looking to integrate at the mission-critical CI/CD stage. SourceClear used the most comprehensive libraries of vulnerability data available (including some of their own proprietary research) to create the integration, making CI/CD security automated and less painful. We hope this integration reduces security headaches and give you more time to do what you do best: write and deliver quality code.

Try out the CircleCI-SourceClear integration today.

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