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At the end of March, CircleCI’s developer evangelist, Kevin Bell, gave a talk at our monthly Office Hours meetup. If you weren’t able to make the talk in person, you’ll find it in its entirety in the video below.

Kevin Bell on Bash Tips and Tricks

“It took me years of struggling with Bash before I felt like I could actually use it to save time doing any given task. I could throw together a command or two in the terminal and write very simple scripts, but it was always faster and easier for me to switch to a language like Python to do anything significant. In this short, example-filled presentation, I’m going to try to cover the elements of Bash and a couple CLI tools that made me a true believer, who reaches to Bash for most odd jobs.”

Watch the full video on Bash Tips and Tricks here.

What’s Next?

Join us Thursday, April 21, at the beautiful Heavybit Clubhouse for April Office hours, featuring special guest speakers from Shyp, the shipping made easy startup whose goal is to help customers never go to the post office again.

Go Go Gadget Development from Shyp

The engineering team at Shyp will be speaking on their command line gateway. We’ll have food and beverages and the CircleCI team will be on hand. We also want to hear all about what you’re building with CircleCI, and will be available to offer 1:1 support and answer any questions you have. RSVP for April Office Hours and we’ll see you then!

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