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A quick monthly highlight of features we’ve been working on. As always, if you have questions or comments, we’d love to hear them. You can email us or tweet to us.

Rewrote the frontend to be much more stable and open-sourced it We rewrote our frontend in React.js/Om. We’ve seen a nice bump in stability – React’s component lifecycle events have made memory leaks a thing of the past. It’s now safe to leave a tab open overnight! The code is also open-source: please check it out and contribute at

Added first-class support for AWS credentials If you’re using AWS credentials in your build you can now set them at Project Settings > AWS keys rather than saving them as project environment variables.

Expose view-builds scope for API tokens This lets users generate an API token that is scoped to read-only access to build artifacts. Users can automate downloading of particular assets from a given build, say for example during deployment.

Experimental setting for collecting detailed information about your tests If you’re using our inferred RSpec or Cucumber commands, we’ve added an experimental setting to collect structured test output. You can toggle it from the Project settings > Experimental page. We currently use the data to give you better parallelism splits and we provide an API to access the test data for a given build.

Warn if circle.yaml file (wrong ext) detected We now warn you if you used the wrong extension.

CIRCLE_PREVIOUS_BUILD_NUM and CIRCLE_USERNAME env vars We added two more environment variables so that users can use them in their builds.

Added jobs/retry parameters to bundler command Adds --jobs=4 and --retry=3 arguments to bundle command for Ruby projects.

Added a list of pull requests to the build page Added a new “PRs” section to the build page. It contains a list of links to all of the pull requests that the build was a part of (if any).

And lastly, Launched OSS /blog/a-step-into-open-source/ (Okay, this was in August, but we are pretty excited about it).

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