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Great news everybody, we’ve simplified our pricing to make it as transparent and easy to understand as possible! Here’s a quick summary:

  • no more limits on projects

  • no more limits on parallelism

  • all plans are $19 for the first container and $50 for each additional container

  • all customers are grandfathered in

If you’re interested in the specifics of the change and the thinking behind it, please read on.

No Limits

Our new pricing has no limits on projects, builds, team members, parallelism or anything else. We don’t think there should be artificial limits on the resources (containers) that you’re paying for, and now there isn’t.


All plans now cost $19 and include one container. Each additional container costs $50. We have three starting points (solo, startup, and small business) but all three follow the same simple formula; $19 + $50 for each containers after the first. As always you can scale the numbers of containers you use at any point and your bill will always be prorated.

CircleCI Pricing


Transparency is something that we strive for both organizationally as a company and in the way that we communicate and interact with our customers. Our customers range in size from single developers working on a personal project, to large startups, to Fortune 500 companies and all of them need to understand how much the different services they use will cost them now and in the future. This change is an attempt the accomplish that for Circle.


We don’t think its fair for customers to pay more than we agreed when you signed up. We also don’t believe in charging older customers more than newer customers. As a result, if you are a current customer we have rounded up your number of containers based on the price you are currently paying (meaning your last container may be cheaper than $50). We’ve already made the change, so you should be seeing the effects already.


As always, we enjoy reading feedback about our changes. Drop us a line and let us know what you think.