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We’re happy to announce a new feature: status badges!

tl;dr: shows the pass/fail status of a repository, like this:

circleci/circle project status

Similarly, shows the pass/fail status of a single branch, like this:

circleci/circle master branch status

We frankly didn’t expect that this would be a common feature request, since we almost exclusively test private projects. However, for the last few months, status badges have consistently been among our Top 3 most requested features.

A couple of our customers even invented their own ways of displaying and sharing project statuses, including a raspberry pi powered big-screen office dashboard, and an iOS app. (Aside: it’s been really neat to see what other people do with our API – we’d love to hear what you’re building, so let us know!)

So quite a few people were looking for a simple pass/fail indicator to embed in various contexts: GitHub READMEs, internal dashboards, and so on. More to the point, people want to be able to show the pass/fail status of their private projects without giving access to everything else.

To that end, we added much more finely grained API tokens. We strongly recommend embedding your status image with a token that is restricted to just the status of a single project. You can create and revoke these tokens from any project’s ‘Edit settings > API tokens’ page.

The full documentation is here.