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Earlier this month the CircleCI team made its way to Pier 70 for GitHub Universe. The event was awesome! It was great to be able to hear about all of the cool things that GitHub is working on as well as being able to chat with developers about some of the challenges they face in the CI space. We came away feeling really good about the future of GitHub and are excited to be a part of it.

Over the last year GitHub has rolled out a lot of features and projects including:

  • Protected Branches, which help give users more control over who can merge a PR and when the PR is merged.

  • The new GitHub Desktop app, which makes it super easy for anyone to get started with GitHub even if they are not a git guru.

  • Student Developer Pack, which gives students a ton of great resources to ship projects.

  • Atom 1.0 released, a new text editor built around web technologies that is growing in popularity by the day.


GitHub also announced some great new features including:

  • Large File Storage with Git LFS

  • The new GitHub Integrations Directory

    • Hand picked and curated list of apps that integrate with GitHub, CircleCI is thrilled to be included in this list!


If you missed GitHub Universe you can watch videos from the event here.

Thank you to the GitHub staff, speakers, and everyone else who was involved with this event. We are looking forward to next year already!