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A few weeks ago we blogged about how we are using our community site to gather feedback and ship features and announced our first ever “Developers’ Choice” poll. We are excited to announce the Developers’ Choice results.

With 52% of the vote, the winning feature request is to add a setting to prevent concurrent builds on the same branch. This has been a popular feature request for quite some time and we are excited to commit to shipping it.

Developers' Choice Voting Results

This means that if you push to the same branch, we will automatically cancel previous builds and only run the latest commit. The biggest impact of this is that it will prevent common race conditions, specifically in the deployment phase, where it’s possible for earlier commits to finish after more recent commits which creates an undesirable situation where there is older code on the deployment target.

Thank you to everyone who cast their vote! We look forward to shipping this feature and will update the existing feature request and log it in the changelog once it has been shipped.