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A few months ago, CircleCI Founder, Paul Biggar, joined forces with the Edith Harbaugh, CEO of LaunchDarkly to create To Be Continuous, a show about Continuous Delivery and software development. The show has continued to be a success, and covers a broad range of topics. Catch up with all nine previous episodes below, and follow the playlist on Soundcloud to be notified of new ones.

Episode 1: Edith and Paul discuss why people are doing Continuous Delivery, and what the major benefits and barriers to practicing Continuous Delivery are. You may also learn not to ask Paul about his PhD thesis.

Episode 2: Edith asks Paul ‘What are your favorite things about Continuous Delivery?’

Episode 3: Edith and Paul talk about what Continuous Delivery is and where it came from. They cover everything from SaaS and test-driven development, to lean startups and human evolution.

Episode 4: Edith and Paul talk about who owns code, how to scale your engineering team, and cowboy coding.

Episode 5: Edith and Paul talk about the fear of shipping, and whether code is an asset.

Episode 6: Edith and Paul discuss the spectrum of Continuous Delivery, and where Continuous Delivery will and won’t work in software development.

Episode 7: Edith and Paul are joined by Kris Gale, Co-Founder and CTO at Clover Health. They talk about what effective team structure for Continuous Delivery looks like.

Episode 8: Edith and Paul are joined by Kevin Henrikson, Partner Director of Engineering at Microsoft, to discuss what’s necessary to be successful with continuous delivery in mobile development.

Episode 9: Paul and Edith host Sam Stokes, cofounder of Rapportive, to discuss empathy in software development, the tendency for micro services to become mini services, and the act of constantly updating software in a constantly updating world.

We hope you enjoy the show, and we’d love to hear comments, questions, or suggestions for future episodes. For more on Continuous Delivery and to find out about new episodes you can follow the show on Twitter at @continuouscast.

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