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Last year, CircleCI Founder, Paul Biggar, joined forces with the Edith Harbaugh, CEO of LaunchDarkly to create To Be Continuous, a show about Continuous Delivery and software development. Catch up with episodes 19, 20, 21, and 22 below, and follow the playlist on Soundcloud to be notified of new ones.

Episode 19: Paul and Edith discuss the fallout after the widely covered ‘left-pad‘ incident, and while they agree that these sorts of moments move the entire open-source community forward, they wonder – have we forgotten how to code?

Episode 20: Edith and Paul discuss Gartner’s Bimodal IT model, they battle over Waterfall vs. Agile, and they talk about how Continuous Delivery will deliver you from your technical debt nightmares.

Episode 21: Edith and Paul are joined by Scott Raney, Partner at Redpoint Ventures. Edith, and Paul hear from Scott why continuous delivery matters in modern software development.

Episode 22: Edith and Paul discuss ‘crunch time’, work-life balance in the startup world, and the efficacy of the 80 hour workweek.

We hope you enjoy the show, and we’d love to hear comments, questions, or suggestions for future episodes. For more on Continuous Delivery and to find out about new episodes you can follow the show on Twitter at @continuouscast.