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Last year CircleCI Founder Paul Biggar joined forces with the Edith Harbaugh, CEO of LaunchDarkly, to create To Be Continuous, a show about continuous delivery and software development. Catch up with episodes 23, 24, 25, and 26 below, and follow the playlist on Soundcloud to be notified of new ones.

Episode 23: Paul and Edith discuss how you should use the principles of Continuous Delivery to find product/market fit for your startup, tool, or service. Along the way, they highlight common reasons startups fail to find product/market fit, from undervaluing sales and marketing teams, to simply believing that if you build it, they will come.

Episode 24: Paul and Edith are joined by Martin Casado, General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz. The group discusses the deeply complicated and difficult process of category creation, with a special focus on technology infrastructure products.

Episode 25: Paul and Edith dive into the question of specialization. They discuss the pros and cons of working with specialists vs. generalists, and how your decisions in this area can have a wide-ranging impact on your product and company.

Episode 26: Paul and Edith discuss the steps that a startup can take for successful organizational scaling. They bring up important questions including: What roles should your team members play as your company grows? How do you prioritize resources? Is Paul a good coder?

We hope you enjoy the show, and we’d love to hear comments, questions, or suggestions for future episodes. For more on continuous delivery and to find out about new episodes you can follow the show on Twitter at @continuouscast.