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CircleCI and Incapsula will host the Bay Area Cyber Security Meetup group tonight at CircleCI’s San Francisco offices.

If you’re local and want to join, the event starts with networking and beer at 6pm, and includes sessions led by Yahoo’s Principal Security Engineer/Architect Binu Ramakrishnan and’s VP of Engineering Min-Hank Ho. The event is at 201 Spear Street, Suite 1200 in San Francisco and you can RSVP here. More info below.


6pm - 6:30pm: Networking and beers

Session 1

Yahoo’s Binu Ramakrishnan will talk about “Securing Application Deployments in Multi-Tenant CI/CD Environments”.

In multi-tenant CI/CD environments, developers trust and delegate CI/CD systems to deploy their applications to production. But what is the foundation of this trust? What is the trustworthiness of the application deployed by CI/CD through automation? Binu Ramakrishnan highlights security risks with CI/CD deployments and offers solutions to mitigate those risks.

Session 2’s Min-Hank Ho will speak on the topic “Does your current database encryption strategy provide the security you need as you move to the cloud?”

As businesses are looking to accelerate application innovation and move more and more workflows to the cloud, the needs of the business can be at odds with the need to increase the security of data. We will review the existing database encryption solutions and how they are struggling to adequately protect data in this new cloud/DevOps environment. We will also discuss some of the new tools available that eliminate the burden encryption from the DevOps team while significantly improving the security of data stored in cloud databases.

The sessions will be followed by more networking and beer