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Last week, CircleCI’s site reliability engineer, Bear, gave a talk at our monthly Office Hours. If you weren’t able to make the talk in person, you’ll find it in its entirety in the video below. The talk covered tools and practices that are useful for developing and deploying a modern python web application.

"Sparkly dev-ops princess is our goal" “Sparkly dev-ops princess is our goal”

Using Python to Build, Test, and Deploy Applications

To get started, let me introduce who I am. My name is Bear and my job at CircleCI is the operations side of the Site Reliability Engineering team. I've been using Python to develop applications and ops tools for many decades. When I joined CircleCI, I naturally started to use CircleCI in my Python projects.

One of my goals is to make CircleCI a best-in-class tool for Python Continuous Integration. To do that I decided to create a simple web application and then apply the current best practices for testing and deploys to that project.

This is the result of that research.

This will not be a deep dive into any one area, nor will it be a battle-of-the-frameworks. What it will be is an opinionated list of what tools and practices I consider useful for developing and deploying a modern Python web application. At the end my goal is to give you some ideas and thoughts about Python testing, even if you don't agree with them.

Watch the full video here.

What’s Next?

Join us Thursday, March 24 at beautiful Heavybit Industries in San Francisco for March Office Hours.

CircleCI March Office Hours

This month, we’ll be welcoming Kevin Bell back to give his talk “BASH: Tips and Tricks to use on CircleCI and in Life”. RSVP here!