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Welcome to our new weekly “we think this is interesting, and so might you!” curated list. Covering anything and everything in the industry, we’ll be collecting and sharing a handful of links every Friday. Enjoy!

Project Interlude Project Interlude is a great resource for companies, like CircleCI, who want to do more to make diversity and inclusion a core part of their corporate culture. Very related to my talk at Gluecon last week.

Introducing HyperDev by Joel Spolsky HyperDev looks like a great tool for making it even easier to build software.

“Our theory here is that HyperDev can remove all the barriers to getting started and building useful things, and more great things will get built.”

Yes please!

Testing in Swift by Jonathan Manning, Paris Buttfield-Addison and Tim Nugent We built CircleCI’s iOS support because we want testing and deployment of iOS applications to be much easier than it is today - this article lays out some good practices for testing those apps.

OPERATIONAL BEST PRACTICES #SERVERLESS by MIPSYTIPSY Charity is as hilarious as she is insightfully on point.

“Services are not magical pixie dust.”

And how!