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Six months ago we announced the launch of our community site. Since then we have been absolutely thrilled at the amount of growth the community has experienced. As of today there are over 2,000 active users with more users signing up each and every day.

Discuss Categories

One of the most popular sections of our community site is the feature request category. Having a public feature request category is a bit risky. On the one hand it allows features to be ironed out in an open forum, and we can focus on the things that have the most support from our users. On the other hand the sad reality is that we can’t build every requested feature. We still feel that this is much better than the traditional approach where a user emails a feature request, gets a canned response of “Thank you, we have passed this along to our product team,” and is never replied to again. On Discuss you can more easily track our response to a feature request, share with your team (the more likes a feature request gets the better chance it has of being build), and be notified of any updates or additional comments from others who might have their own refinements or workarounds.

It has been wonderful to hear all of the great suggestions for improving CircleCI and we are proud that over the last quarter we have shipped four of the most popular requests.

  1. Ability to select which email address to send notifications to based on GitHub Repo.
  2. Compatibility with Phabricator
  3. Ability to reference the latest build artifacts
  4. Handling of both [ci skip] and [skip ci] in commit messages

Developer's Choice

Today we are launching an experiment we are calling Developers’ Choice. We’ve gathered together nine of the most oft-requested features that we would love to build but for a variety of reasons never hit the top of our backlog. This is your chance to vote directly on those features, and we will build whichever gets the most votes. Voting will conclude Tuesday April 19th at 5:00 PM PST. Visit Developer’s Choice now to vote for the feature you want us to build next. If this experiment works we’ll be doing it regularly, so if we missed the feature you’ve been eagerly awaiting submit a new topic on the Feature Request category.

We are excited to continue to see your feature requests coming in, and are even more excited to ship as many of them as we can. Show your support for your favorite feature requests by clicking on the heart in the main topic. At CircleCI we build what development teams need to optimize their throughput with confidence, so keep the suggestions coming.