Migrating to CircleCI from buddybuild

If you have Android and iOS projects on buddybuild, see if CircleCI is right for your app development team.

Continuous integration for Linux and iOS projects

CircleCI offers the flexibility and control teams need across Linux and iOS projects. You get complete version control over configurations, utilize fastlane for code signing, and run all jobs across the same workflow. Teams looking to build on buddybuild may need a replacement CI tool soon, see how CircleCI compares.

Configuration file conveniently stored in git repository

While buddybuild configuration happens in the user interface, CircleCI stores the config file within your git repository. This provides complete version control of your configs, and offers the ability to manage configs across multiple repositories much more easily.

Using fastlane for code signing, testing, and deployment

Buddybuild provided built-in mechanisms for code signing, while CircleCI relies on fastlane, an open-source tool for building, testing and releasing iOS and Android apps. The community behind fastlane ensures the most consistent build experience with Apple build tools and other services. fastlane tests, exports, and deploys your app to TestFlight and iTunes Connect.

You can find a sample iOS application that uses fastlane on CircleCI here.

Run macOS, Android, and Linux jobs all in the same workflow

CircleCI workflows lets you run iOS and Android configuration in a single config file-- great for React Native projects. Projects using tools like Danger and swiftlint can also benefit: you can fail a workflow early if swiftlint doesn’t pass, or run iOS tests and Danger in parallel.

See a sample React Native project that builds iOS and Android apps on CircleCI, or explore all available workflow options.

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