OS X App Testing with CircleCI. Fast. Functional. Reliable.

CircleCI for macOS/OS X! Get the speed you want, enabled by fast, reliable machines that boast smart CocoaPods caching and popular preinstalled dependencies such as Fastlane.

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More Testing, Fewer Bugs, Better OS X Apps

Shipping your app on OS X is hard. The App Store review process is long and painful. It’s important to get your app built right the first time to avoid bugs and those nasty 1-star reviews. Each time you push new code to your repo on GitHub for your OS X app, CircleCI will automatically build and test your changes. More testing leads to fewer bugs. Ship your app with more confidence by continuously testing to ease the pain of the App Store review process.

Test Your App on Our Dedicated OS X Cloud

Running a dedicated build box is expensive and time consuming. Let us manage the build environment with our dedicated Apple hardware infrastrastructure. You focus on building great OS X apps.

Automate Testing

CircleCI supports any environment that you work in and the most recent version(s) of the iOS toolchain (including Xcode 6.x). You can build with xcodebuild, xctool, CocoaPods, or git submodules.

Fast, Functional, and Reliable

Run more concurrent builds with more containers to speed up your queue and build time. Smarter CocoaPods caching and key dependencies pre-installed to make your builds more efficient. New, seamless code signing. Fast turnaround for OS X updates.

Integration with Critical Tools

Seamless integration with fastlane, and out-of-the-box deployment capabilities with Crashlytics beta, hockeyapp and testfairy, means less time configuring mobile CI/CD infrastructure and more time creating software.

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