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Waffle automates testing using CircleCI

Why CircleCI?

Waffle provides project management that’s geared toward engineering teams, helping them visualize project progress by automatically following workflow actions and status updates from GitHub. Waffle’s developers run tests on 10 to 20 builds daily, with each build requiring a couple of thousand unit and integration tests. “We rely on CircleCI to give us instant feedback about our tests,” says John Skarbek, infrastructure engineer at Waffle. “When CircleCI says our tests are green, we have the confidence to go live.”

The Challenge

When Waffle developers are updating the product or adding new features, they’re adding many small changes into production every day. But as the company prepared to launch, developers realized that running their own continuous integration infrastructure would take time to manage, and could impact iterative development. “We work better when we have automated testing — trying to remember to run them before deploying isn’t safe,” Skarbek says.

The Solution

Waffle developers can consistently use CI across environments, since CircleCI configures the build process as part of source code. “CircleCI does all the hard work behind the scenes to run tests,” Skarbek says. “The beauty of it is we never have to open up CircleCI to know the status — we just look at our Waffle board. CircleCI stays out of the way.” With CircleCI managing continuous integration, Waffle developers don’t have to worry about slowdowns in iterative development. “We get the convenience and safety of a CI that’s not our own development machine,” Skarbek says.

John Skarbek Portrait
“We love CircleCI’s responsiveness — there’s an awesome team behind the product!”

John Skarbek
Infrastructure Engineer at Waffle

About Waffle

Waffle is an automated project management tool powered by GitHub issues and pull requests, and enables development teams to plan, organize, and track their work using GitHub and GitHub Enterprise. Waffle listens to the actions in workflow to know when work is started, ready for review, or finished, and updates status automatically.

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