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New Project Default, Switch CLI Prompt, Plan Updates, and Disabled Fixed Notification    

What’s New

  • New projects are now created with 2.0 config by default and have Build Processing enabled.

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Auto-Cancel Workflow Builds, Updated CLI, and Plans Page Updates    

What’s New

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Dev tools

Performance Plan Overview Includes Number of Projects with DLC Enabled    

What’s New

  • Performance customers can now see the number of active projects with DLC enabled on the Plan Overview page.

Enable Build Processing, New API Endpoint for Triggering Projects with Workflows, and Performance Fix    

What’s New

  • It is possible to trigger workflows with the CircleCI API using a new endpoint. See the Trigger a Build by Project section of the CircleCI API Projects Documentation.
    • You must go to your Project Settings in the CircleCI app to Enable Build Processing (preview) as a prerequisite for using this endpoint.
    • IMPORTANT – This endpoint does not yet support the build_parameters options that the job-triggering endpoint supports.
    • You may safely go back by disabling the radio button for this feature on your Advanced Settings for your project if jobs or workflows fail the new build processing.

Resolved Issues

  • Resolved a known performance issue which caused a frozen page for organizations with many branches.

Workflows Improvements, Active Users View, and Alerts    

What’s New

  • The Workflows page of the CircleCI app now displays the username associated with rerunning a workflow, approving a job, or cancelling a job.

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Build Service and Config as Code    

What’s New

Preview of improved builds service

CircleCI has developed an improved builds service that is ready for preview. The improved build service is the first step to a healthy roadmap of parameterized commands, config reuse across projects, improved DRY support, and better error reporting.

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Release 2.13.00    

What’s New in Release 2.13*

  • Fixed: Due to a certificate not being imported jobs were unable to submit after a container restart.
  • Fixed: Stability issues within contexts service.
  • Fixed: vm-service issue where AWS ECS and EBS volumes were left used. Added better idempotent client retries, API eventual consistency handling.

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Rerun Button Change on the Jobs Page    

The button on the Jobs page has changed for jobs that run as part of a workflow. The rebuild options that are not compatible with Workflows have been removed from the button on the Jobs page. Jobs that ran as part of a workflow will only include the Rerun Job with SSH button on the Jobs page.

To rerun a job that ran as part of a workflow, you must navigate to the Workflows page of the CircleCI application and either rerun your entire Workflow or rerun your Workflow from failed jobs.

Release 2.1.0    

  • Added support for 2.0 builders to use object storage other than S3 (mirroring the options from the 1.x releases).
  • Support for private images in docker jobs, including support for ECR authentication.
  • New VM service and build agent to address certain situations that resulted in build infrastructure failures.
  • Better accommodations for using proxies throughout the core infrastructure.
Server Images

Workflows Graph    

This feature enables an interactive graph of your workflow configuration. Refer to the instructions and examples in the Orchestrating Workflows document.