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Pipelines Page Design Updates    

What’s New

The Pipelines page has been redesigned to merge the Project and Pipeline number columns together and make the font smaller across the whole page. This change allows you to see more pipelines on the dashboard without scrolling.

Plan Overview and Usage UI Now Available to Non-Admins    

What’s New

Non-admins can now see Plan Overview and Usage pages in the new UI.

Changes to Definition of Queued and Waiting in the New UI    

What’s New

  • Waiting indicates the time spent preparing a job to run due to Docker image choice and CircleCI infrastructure time.
  • Queued indicates when you hit a concurrency plan limit, and your job isn’t running because other jobs in your organization are running first.

These two definitions were previously vice versa in the UI, which caused confusion due to discrepancies between usage in the UI and what most customers understood the terms to mean. We hope this change will avoid any confusion in future.


1-click Project Set Up    

What’s New

You can now commit config directly from the Project Set-Up page to your repo with 1-click. The same config can also be downloaded and committed manually if preferred.

Container cgroup Limits Now Visible Inside the Docker Executor    

What’s New

Container cgroup limits are now visible when using the Docker executor. This means that container-aware build tooling will now correctly detect the number of CPUs and amount of RAM available to the job.

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Plan Usage with New Compute Breakdown Tab Now in New UI    

What’s New

The Plan Usage page in the new UI now includes a Compute tab, showing compute minutes and credits by executor type. You can also further filter the breakdown by projects. MacOS container plan users will also see overages within this tab.

If you are not currently on a usage plan, this page will show compute usage by credit and user to give an indication of what to expect on the usage plan.

Link to Changelog in Help Menu in New UI    

Queue/Wait-Time Redesigned in the New UI    

What’s New

Previously, queue and wait times were hidden behind an information icon hoover-over. They are now in their own section in the Job Details header. User-research showed these items were hard to find and folks did not like them being hidden.

Plan Overview Now Available in the New UI    

What’s New

The new Plan overview page includes improved visualisations for credit usage, user seats and upgrade options. Access the Plan overview from the new UI sidebar.

Favicons Show Job Status in New UI    

What’s New

Favicons for CircleCI job pages now reflect the status of the job. The icon becomes red for a failed job, green for success, and blue for still running.