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Xcode 9 Beta 2    

Today we updated our Xcode 9.0 beta image to Xcode 9.0 beta 2 with the latest 10.2 simulators. To start using it, add the following to your circle.yml:

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The Workflows feature is available on CircleCI 2.0. It is designed with a flexible algorithm to support very complex job scheduling and orchestration using a simple set of new configuration keys. See the Steps to Configure Workflows section of the Migrating from 1.0 to 2.0 document for instructions. Refer to the Orchestrating Workflows document for examples and conceptual information.

Release 1.48.0    

  • New Projects list in the Admin section gives you an overview of all projects across your entire installation of CircleCI Enterprise.
  • New onboarding flow – new users will be prompted with a list of projects to follow drawn directly from their GitHub account.
  • New option for users to choose “My builds” or “All builds” when viewing lists of builds.
  • New JIRA integration for creating issues from a Build Page - configured under Project Settings.
  • Option to externalize the underlying persistance storage (Postgres and Mongo) - talk to your CircleCI contact for details.
  • Improved support for snapshot backup and restore via the Admin Console.
  • Various performance improvements and minor bug fixes.

Xcode 9 Beta 1 Availability    

This update makes Xcode 9 Beta available for all macOS builds. Specify version 9.0 in your circle.yml file to override the default.

Authenticate With Google    

This feature enables users to log in to CircleCI with a Google account and provides new users with the opportunity to experience the application and selected demo projects without providing access to their code repository.

Filter Build Emails by Project    

Now you can filter your build emails by project without doing subject matching. This feature adds the standard List-ID header with to make it easy to filter build emails into per-repo or per-org folders.

Import Project Environment Variables    

This feature enables you to import project environment variables from projects in the same organization to save time and typing. On the Settings screen for your project, click the Import Variable(s) button on the Environment Variables page and select from the list.

Authorize Only Public GitHub Repositories    

This feature enables you to join CircleCI without providing access to your private GitHub repos. To limit access, select Public Repos Only from the Start with Github menu on the signup page.

Release 1.47.2    

This is a security update to prevent logging temporary access tokens in build output. Those access tokens would have allowed a user to do a PUT request to overwrite an existing artifact only if all of the following were true:

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My/All Build Filtering    

Looking for the builds most relevant to your actions? You can now filter builds by “my builds” (builds you triggered) or “all builds” (builds triggered by other users on your team). The filter can be found near the top, right-hand corner of your dashboard. Currently, this feature is only available on the organization and project-level.