CircleCI vs Codefresh

Teams that want to scale at a fraction of the cost choose CircleCI over Codefresh

Do you need a faster tool than Codefresh?

CircleCI enables teams to rapidly increase their software delivery
with optimal resource and environment flexibility.

Only pay for what you need

Customize and scale your CI/CD solution based on the applications your team uses.

Validate changes quickly

Our native testing and debugging tools help developers rapidly find and fix errors.

Choose how to
build, test, deploy

Use our UI, CLI, or API to manage your continuous integration and deployment.

Speed Test





GitLab CI


GitHub Actions


Azure Pipelines


Get to market at the speed of creativity

Faster builds mean delivering ideas as quickly as your team can think of them.

CircleCI has been a CI/CD industry leader
for a decade

SSH debugging

Securely access any job on CircleCI to debug builds and tests in real-time.

Auto-test splitting

Shorten the feedback loop by automatically splitting your tests across parallel instances of the same job.

Powerful automation

Our fleet of executors — from Linux and Arm, to macOS and Windows — offer a range of CPUs, GPUs, memory, and images to customize each job.

Meaningful application insights

Access workflow status and duration, detect flaky tests, and more to improve team productivity.

Integrations for every job

Config you can package, ship, and re-use.
Automate your entire CI/CD pipeline with orbs.

CircleCI users love the flexibility, control, and ease of our platform