CircleCI vs GitLab

Teams that know the value
of continuous integration choose CircleCI
over GitLab CI/CD

Do you need a more powerful tool
than GitLab CI/CD?

Teams with sophisticated CI/CD needs use CircleCI to get the most advanced optimization capabilities.

More powerful automation

Choose the operating system, CPU, GPU, memory, and images you need for each job to significantly reduce your development time.

Dynamic workflows

Customize the environment on every build, test, and deploy for optimal flexibility.

Instant change validation

Our native testing and debugging tools help rapidly find and fix errors so your team can keep moving.

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Azure Pipelines


The fastest CI/CD
tool on the market

Get product to your customers
sooner with CircleCI.

Why developers choose CircleCI

Powerful compute options

Select the compute, CPU, and memory type that fits your needs — from lightweight Arm applications to the most advanced AI/ML projects.

Flexible hosting options

CI/CD managed in the cloud, on self-hosted runners to eliminate maintenance overhead, or administered on your private server for maximum control.

Comprehensive insights

Get actionable data into workflow status, duration, and credit consumption to make informed decisions.

Industry-leading security

CircleCI is the first CI/CD platform to be FedRAMP certified and SOC 2 Type II compliant. Audit logging and restricted contexts further enhance application security.

SSH debugging

Securely access any job on CircleCI to debug builds and tests in real-time, without the need to trial errors repeatedly.

Auto-test splitting

Shorten the feedback loop by automatically splitting your tests across parallel instances of the same job.

Orbs empower developers
to set up projects faster

Use orbs to quickly get started with AWS, GCP, and Azure cloud resources,
as well as security and scanning resources.

Don’t take
our word for it

Ruby on Rails developers choose CircleCI for
continuous integration more than any other CI platform.

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CircleCI users love the flexibility, control, and ease of our platform