Advanced Config

CircleCI supports many advanced configuration options and features:

Parallelism Advanced Caching
Automatic provisioning of containers as they are freed without waiting for other jobs to finish. Configure Workflows to run jobs in parallel or run tests in parallel by splitting and globbing files. Speed up builds by caching files from run to run using keys that are easy to control with granular caching options for cache save and restore points throughout your jobs. Cache any files from run to run using keys you can control.

First-class Docker Support Docker Commands
Choose any image to run your job steps, customizable on a per-job basis on a particular Git branch. Speed up your run times with advanced layer caching.      Build docker images with full docker CLI support and full support for docker compose. Support for all programming languages and custom database environments that offer more predictable output.

Shell Scripting Browser Testing
Anything you can do in a shell script, you can automate in CircleCI. You can configure your browser-based tests to run whenever a change is made, before every deployment, or on a certain branch.