Build Environments

Refer to the following documents for help with using advanced configuration features.

Document Description
Choosing an Executor Type Comparison of the docker, machine and macos executor types, trade-offs and examples of usage.
Using Custom Images How to create and use custom Docker images with CircleCI.
Using Private Images How to use an image from a private repository or from Amazon ECR.
Configuring Databases How to declare a database configuration using a sample PostgreSQL and Rails configuration example.
Caching Dependencies How to configure advanced caching and set up cache keys.
Running Docker Commands How to build Docker images for deploying elsewhere or for further testing and how to start services in remote docker containers.
Using Docker Compose How to use docker-compose by installing it in your primary container during the job execution.
Docker Layer Caching (DLC) How to request the DLC feature and add it to your configuration file.
Using the CircleCI CLI How to use the CircleCI CLI for running jobs locally

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