Execution Environments

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Refer to the following documents for instructions specific to your environment.

Document Description
Choosing an Executor Type Comparison of the docker, windows, machine and macos executor types, trade-offs and examples of usage.
Caching Dependencies How to make jobs faster on CircleCI by reusing the data from expensive fetch operations from previous jobs.
Using the CircleCI Command Line Interface How to run jobs locally.
Using Yarn on CircleCI How to install Yarn and cache Yarn packages.
Build and Publish Snap Packages using Snapcraft on CircleCI Complete guide for setting up Snapcraft, building packages, and publishing them.


Document Description
Prebuilt Images Complete list of prebuilt CircleCI Docker images.
Using Custom Images How to create and use custom Docker images with CircleCI.
Using Docker Authenticated Pulls Use Docker authenticated pulls to access private images and avoid rate limits.
Running Docker Commands How to build Docker images for deploying elsewhere or for further testing and how to start services in remote docker containers.
Using Docker Compose How to use docker-compose by installing it in your primary container during the job execution.
Docker Layer Caching (DLC) How to request the DLC feature and add it to your configuration file.

iOS and Mac

Document Description
Hello World on MacOS Getting started with the macOS executor and CircleCI
Testing iOS Applications on macOS How to set up and customize testing for an iOS application with CircleCI.
Setting Up Code Signing for iOS Projects Describes the guidelines for setting up code signing for your iOS or Mac project on CircleCI.


Document Description
Hello World on Windows Getting started with the Windows executor and CircleCI

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