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Customization and Configuration

This document is intended for system administrators of self-hosted installations of CircleCI Server.

The following sections summarize the key files and variables that impact CircleCI Server behavior, and configuration options for your Server installation.

Notable Files & Folders

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General Config


See table below for values

JVM Heap Sizes

/etc/circleconfig/XXXX/customizations Supports: frontend, test_results

Adjust heap size for individual containers with JVM_HEAP_SIZE

Custom CA Certs


Container Customizations


Used lots of places in replicated



Respected by several containers including frontend, copied to container’s /etc/hosts



Respected by all containers

Properties of /etc/circle-installation-customizations

Every property should be in the format export ENV_VAR="value"
Property Impact More info


Override the scheme and host that CircleCI uses


Set JVM heap size for all containers reading this property

Use container specific settings when possible (see files above)

Other Properties and Env Vars

Property Impact More info


Proxy for replicated and other services outside CircleCI containers to use

Service Configuration Overrides

This section describes the configuration interface for overriding services in CircleCI Server.

Customizing your configuration can have potentially damaging consequences, so we recommend contacting for guidance before making any changes.

Configuration is done by exporting environment variables in files located on the Services machine.

Consider the file “customizations” created at the following path /etc/circleconfig/workflows-conductor:

export FOO="bar"

The value of FOO will take precedence over the default values set in the default container mapping in the CircleCI Server configuration.

Available Overrides


Login Screen

Introduced in CircleCI Server v2.17.3

You can add a banner to your login screen as follows:

  1. Access the file: /etc/circleconfig/frontend/customizations on the Services machine

  2. Add the following line, substituting the text you wish to display in the banner:

    export CIRCLE__OUTER__LOGIN_BANNER_MESSAGE="<insert-your-message-here>
  3. Restart CircleCI from the Management Console (

Figure 1. Login Screen Banner Example