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Code that builds on Linux or iOS will generally build on CircleCI. We’ve created several demo applications in various languages, so you can learn by example from an app written in the same language as your application. Each language listed below has an associated guide and public repository on GitHub. Fork them and follow along!

Language Guide Framework GitHub Repo Name
Python Flask sample-python-cfd
JavaScript Vue.js sample-javascript-cfd
Mono repo - Python backend and Node.js frontend Flask, Vue.js sample-monorepo-cfd

Supported languages

  • Clojure (v1.2.0 and later)
  • Elixir (v1.2 and later)
  • Go (v1.7 and later)
  • Java (Java 8 and later)
  • JavaScript (Node.js 4 and later)
  • PHP (PHP 5 and later)
  • Python (Python 2 and later)
  • React Native
  • Ruby on Rails (Ruby 2 and later)
  • Scala and sbt

Build projects in C, C#, C++, Clojure, Elixir, Erlang, Go, Groovy, Haskell, Haxe, Java, JavaScript, Node.js, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Rust, Scala and many more.

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Refer to the Getting Started Introduction for the steps to run your first build.

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